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28 Oct 2018



27 Oct 2018



14 Oct 2018

Hampshire Open


National Referee Seminar


Kin Ryu’s Latest Dan Grade Promotion

Great day for the boys today!

Gold for Aidan, Silver for Louis after a 7 min fight! Then Silver for Decs.

Well done lads!


As part of their referee revalidation, Kin Ryu’s referees Martin, Lisa, Peter, Steve and Rianna, as well as Kin Ryu’s Founder, Mick, attended the seminar to get the latest updates to the BJA’s contest rules.



Congratulations to Jack

on gaining his 2nd Dan Black Belt!








20 Oct 2018



20 Oct 2018



14 Oct 2018

London Open Split Grade


Kin Ryu’s Latest New Black Belt


Tunbridge Wells

Fantastic day at the London open split grade with an overwhelming display of fantastic judo. Most of the weight groups were merged so a lot of the players were fighting the weight group above but still managed to hold their own to come out with some amazing results.

Total round up;


Lucy - Sam - Aidan - Ryan


Zara - Charlotte - Peter - Daniel - Dec - Ethan


Nikolas - Ollie – Thomas


Daniil – Reese


Congratulations to Megan

on gaining her 1st Dan Black Belt!



Well done to the mini dragons fighting at Tunbridge Wells today, everybody fought hard and showed some quality judo.


Final results were:


Ellie - Tommy - Bradley - Lola - Ajin - Reece – Daniil


Anisa - Robin - Sophia - Olivia - Nikolas – Peter



Keira + Spirit of Judo

Adam + Spirit of Judo








14 Oct 2018



13 Oct 2018



13 Oct 2018

British Minors Championships


British Masters Championships


Nijmegen , Holland

Very proud of these 4 today. They gave everything and showed how much hardwork, grit and determination can pay off. As well competing, they supported their team mates and showed true champion qualities both in victory and in defeat.

Lucy u32kg: Gold

Sam u30kg: Silver

Callum u34kg: Bronze

Megan u32kg: 5th


What a day for our team!

Some great judo from all the guys with ippons all round today!

Final results

Gold - Mark

Silver - Gavin

Silver - Clare


Massive congratulations to Katherine competing in Nijmegen, Holland this weekend, with the England development squad. She took a silver medal in a really competitive group and even won with her first armlock. Its a difficult step moving from pre cadet to cadet but she makes progress every time she competes, well done Kat!!








7 Oct 2018



30 Sep 2018



29 Sep 2018

REDs Training & GBR European Open


Level 3 Coaching Award – Athlete Profiling


Southern Area Schools Qualifier + Bishop Stortford

Well done to Kat and Aidan for completing another tough REDS training session and to Martin for his selection to referee a final at the European Open.



Thank you to the four Kin Ryu players who “volunteered” to be profiled – starting with the running beap test, then onto the press-up beap test



Another fabulous day at the office for the Kin Ryu dragons.

Well done to everyone who fought at the SA schools today, some tough groups but everyone brought their 'A' game!!


Final results

Yrs 4/5

🥉Zara u28kg    🥈Rebecca u36kg

🥉Charlotte u36kg         🥉Sebbie u27kg

🥉Viadotas u27kg


Yrs 6/7

🥇Lucy u32kg   🥇Mia u52kg

🥇Sam u30kg    🥈Callum u34kg

🥇Mikey u38kg                5th Daniel u42kg


Yrs 8/9

🥉Hana u40kg  🥇Dovydas u34kg

🥇Aidan u38kg 🥇Declan u42kg

🥉Thomas u50kg            🥉Ollie u55kg


Yrs 10-13

🥇Katherine u63kg        🥈Ryan u60kg


Also fighting today at Bishop Stortford u8 festival, was the awesome Lola who went alone to the comp and took and amazing 🥉 medal.


Well done to all our fighters and our refs and thanks to Meg for coaching and our army of supporters for pushing on the players!  Well done team!








23 Sep 2018



30 Sep 2018



5 Sep 2018

NHC Open


Crayford+Metro Open


Kin Ryu Parents Session

Round up from today and well what a day i'm shattered!!


In the minors the team fought hard in tough groups, and despite some..... interesting decisions for Lucy we showed excellent form all the way through the groups.

Final results

🥇Zara u25kg

🥇Lucy u32kg

🥉Megan u32kg

🥈Sam u30kg

🥉Callum u34kg

5th Dan u42kg


In the Junior, Senior and Masters all the guys fought well with great skill on display, final results

🥉🥉Ellie u52kg

🥇Thea u63kg

5th Jack u73kg

🥇Clare u63kg

🥇Gavin u81kg


Well done also to our refs and a huge thanks to all our parents and players for making the weekend so enjoyable!


Wow what a day! Some great judo on display from all the Kin Ryu dragons!

Final results:


Red belts:

Charlotte - gold

Nikolaos - gold

Reece - silver

Daniil - silver

Callum - gold


U12 Yellow / Orange belts:

Lucy u32 - gold

Sam u30 - gold

Mikey u38 - gold

Daniel u42- silver

Peter u46 - bronze

Joshua u46 -gold

Wary o46 - silver


O12 Yellow / Orange belts:

Lina u52 - gold

Valencia u70 - gold

Rhian u63 - gold

Aidan u38 - gold

Declan u42 - gold


Even more impressive than the results was the amazing attitudes of our players, their support for each other and their work ethic in their contests! 1 very proud coach, well done team!


Well done to the parents taking to the mat this eve – ad thanks to all the judoka supporting them!










8 Sep 2018



11 Aug 2018



22 Jul 2018

Belgium Training Camp


Eastern Area Open


Surrey/Sussex Squad and REDs Training

Well done to all on the Belgium Training Camp!




Well done to everyone who fought today at the Eastern Area Open.


Some very tough groups but final results were:

Bronze - Ellie - Senior - U52

Bronze - Louis - Pre - Cadet - U38

5th - Declan - Pre - Cadet - U42

5th - Aidan - Minors - U38

Bronze - Mia - Minors - O44

Gold - Lucy - Minors - U32


Well done to everyone and thanks to our refs and supporters for a great day!


It’s been a training weekend!

Well done to Ollie, Declan and Reece who went to Surrey on Saturday for Surrey/Sussex Combined Squad Training.

And to Aidan, Joshua and Ryan who trained at England REDS squad training in Dartford








14 July 2018



8 July 2018



8 Jul 2018

Balcombe Fete


Samurai Ladies Open


Bishop Stortford Open

Well done and thank you to all who came and supported our demo at this year’s fete!




Well done to Thea!

Silver in Lightweight group.

Gold in 1st Dan Open

And 30 points towards her 2nd Dan.



Great day for the team today at Bishops Storford. Everyone fought well in some tough groups. Final results:









Well done team!








7 July 2018



1 July 2018



1 Jul 2018

Bishop Stortford Teams


British Team Championships


European Championships for Cadets


Tough event!


Bronze for Boys Team of Sam, Adam, George (borrowed) and Callum


Silver for Girls Team of Megan, Lucy, Rebecca and Charlotte


5th Place for Boys Team of Aidan, Louis and Thomas


Congrats to Louis, Megan and Katherine - representing the South at the National Teams.


No medal for Louis' team this time; but Silver for Megan and Gold for Katherine.



Congratulations to Lisa for her selection to referee at the European Championships for Cadets in Bosnia-Herzegovina.










24 Jun 2018



324 Jun 2018



17 Jun 2018

Kent International


Kent International


European Veteran Team Championships

Some excellent judo from our ladies squad.

In Juniors it was a Kin Ryu gold and silver in u52 with Ellie and Megan both overcoming great players to take the top spots.

In u57 Megan won bronze with a fantastic display of ne waza and in u63 Thea took silver following a slightly controversial final.

In seniors Megan and Ellie fought again with Megs winning bronze and 10 more points for her dan grade and Ellie taking a second gold of the day and a massive 50 points for her second dan (in total Megs had 8 contests and Ellie 10 winning 9 of them!)

Well done everyone some fantastic judo this weekend from a very tired but happy coach!!


Wow what a day! To say I am proud of the Kin Ryu squad would be an understatement. Everyone today fought with heart, passion but most of all win or lose they finished with their heads held high so are all champions to me.


The improvements being made were on show for everyone to see as we took scores and wins off players we have never beaten before. So well done everyone and thanks for supporting you team mates throughout as well. A huge thanks to Katherine and Sophie for their help coaching without which the day would have been impossible!


Well done to our refs Martin, Peter and Steve and Rianna for a great days work!


Final results:

🥇 Lucy     🥇 Megan

🥇 Callum     🥇 Aidan

🥈Marc     🥉 Zara

🥉 Kobi     5th Ryan

5th Mia     7th Louis

7th Declan     Rhian

Sam     Dovydas

David     Thomas

Joshua     Lina



Well done to everyone!


Following a thrilling bronze medal fight Clare wins a superb 6 minute contest to secure bronze for team GB in a win over Germany. Congratulations!!








19 June 2018



10 June  2018



10 June  2018



Sussex Yellow & Under


Kangei Festival of Judo

Well done to David, Callum, Sam and Aidan as they took advantage of the chance of extra training before the kents and went to Shoreham JC. Excellent work lads 👊💪🥇



Great personal performance from all judoka.

🏅Peter, Megan, Lucy, Sam, Callum

🥈Viadotas, Zara, Charlotte, Daniel


Thanks to Peter and Nicky for running the event and Rianna for officiating.

Tired coach over and out


Well done to our 4 our mini dragons today.

Some fantastic judo on display.  After their super start in their groups taking gold and silver, Lola and Sienna fought in the next age group up and both took bronze medals.

In the boys Reece fought brilliantly winning 2 and narrowly losing 2 to take 3rd and Nikolaos stormed through his group winning gold.

Thanks to Aidan for coaching and Sebbie for being his assistant.








3 June 2018



2 June 2018



26 May 2018

Martin Gains IJF-A Refereeing Qualification


Southern Area Senior Open & REDS Training


High Wycombe Masters

Following 2 tough days of assessment at the Madrid European Open, Martin has PASSED his international judo licence and is the first person in Great Britain to go from junior 1 to international referee.

Martin has been refereeing for over 30 years and this is such a well deserved reward for all the hard work he has put into his refereeing. Well done Martin!


Well done to Megan - Gold and 10 more points at the SA senior open.

Also, well done to our REDS lads – Aidan, Josh and Louie - who had a tough but great session!


Congrats to Gavin who took a well-earned Silver!













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Mick Leigh (Kin Ryu founder, on left) is presented to Risei Kano (Son of founder of Judo (Jigoro Kano), on right) by John Capes (C)1961. Gunji Koizumi, who first brought judo to the UK is on the far right. More



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Founder of Kin Ryu against

1st Non-Japanese World Champion





Mick Leigh (Kin Ryu founder, on right) competes against Anton Geesink in 1968 at the Royal Albert Hall.

Anton was a Dutch 10th dan judoka. He was the first non-Japanese judoka to win gold at the World Judo Championship, a feat he accomplished in 1961 and 1965. He was also an Olympic Champion, having won gold at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Japan (the year Mick was reserve), and won a record 21 European Judo Championships during his career.